“Peace and happiness are elusive things, unless you see life differently, particularly through the tough times.” 

Sally Scobey

Sally Scobey

Sally blends her personal life experiences with her unique education combination to fuel her passion:  helping others find a deep, lasting wellness. Her great joy is to help people turn life’s trials into triumphs. “If you live long enough,” she says, “you are blessed with some daunting challenges. Those are your opportunities to actually be grateful for hardships. They help us re-focus, give us a depth we need to help others, open our hearts, and appreciate the growth that challenges bring.” In a single year her mother died, her son dropped out of school, her husband lost his job and contracted a life-threatening form of cancer for the second time. A neighbor told Sally it was amazing she didn’t have a nervous breakdown! Part of what keeps Sally going through any difficulties is learning from her experiences so she can share them in her programs, coaching sessions, and blogs.

Sally has had her share of physical challenges as well.  She is a self-proclaimed foodaholic who has struggled with her weight since her teens and faced a pre-cancerous condition with radical surgery. Today, she has a mission to tell a million women the truth she discovered: it is not too late to have the life you desire. There is hope for transformation, both physically through strong, healthy bodies, and mentally by overcoming obstacles. Sally will help you reach a high level of personal satisfaction, at last!

Sally’s blogs, assessments, and individual coaching give clients innovative insights into what it takes to make significant change. Her signature programs: Slow Aging, Boost Energy, Get Healthy!, Weightless at Last™ (Finally Dropping the Pounds at 40, 50 or Beyond), The Overcoming Obstacles Course™ and Muscle Testing (Your Ticket to Yourself and Beyond) give specifics to show revolutionary metamorphosis is absolutely do-able! Attendees have used the words “riveting,” “captivating” and “superb” to describe her talks.

All of this is in keeping with who Sally has become herself. Every profession she chose serendipitously gave her just the background she would need to help others. After receiving a Bachelor of Science, cum laude, she studied clinical nutrition, twelve different alternative medicine healing methods including CranioSacral, Heart-Centered Therapy, and Reiki Mastery, and became an ordained minister. She has also chosen broad-ranging careers in TV news, then freelance journalism, followed by speaking to thousands in communications seminars in all 50 states and Canada. Today, Sally narrows her focus as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach to deliver her primary message:  You absolutely can transform yourself, mentally, physically or both, to create the life you’ve been seeking.

Sally has always made sure she lived life to the fullest.  Between speaking tours in Alaska, Sally hopped on board a mail plane delivering packages north of the Arctic Circle, just so she could set foot on the top of the world.  She also learned scuba diving and has rappelled into grottos. She brings that adventurous approach to her books, blogs, and programs, inspiring others to take flight with their own lives.

Sally is currently at work on two books and lives in Michigan with her husband, son (now in grad school) and retired racing greyhound Kimmy.

Clients can benefit from Sally’s knowledge and experience in a variety of ways:

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Most-asked questions about Sally, and her personal responses:

What sets you apart from others who offer diet and inspirational messages?

I am sharing from personal experience and have no DVD’s or supplements to sell. This is important to me; I didn’t want anyone to own my recommendations. What you may not find anywhere else is my unusual perspective, which is a combination of experiences. I have found parts of programs that worked and other parts that didn’t, so I don’t endorse anyone’s particular plan. I share my personal, unvarnished perspective, what actually worked for me, the physical food choices or the right mental mindset I needed for my own success, in the hope that others can be inspired to try change one more time.

What are the most meaningful results you bring about or problems you solve for your clients?

I know from personal experience what it feels like when life crushes in from all directions, and how hard it is to believe in yourself after losing the diet game countless times. We all have the ability to overcome roadblocks and move beyond our seemingly unsurmountable stuck places. All it takes is the right information, frequently backed by science, or personal experience, to help change perspectives.

When did you first feel strongly that you were supposed to make a contribution?

When I was in elementary school I had a dream to be a movie star, but when I heard my childhood friend talk about wanting to be a nurse, I knew right away that I wanted to serve in some way, too. My first career as a TV news reporter helped toward that end when I was broadcasting stories that served the public interest. However, I felt I was making a greater contribution when I presented seminars people could use to move forward in their careers with communications skills and overcoming stress. But that was not enough. I felt I was serving on a deeper level when I learned various healing methods. Now I feel I can reach more people through books, talks and online with my strongest messages. What I had to painfully experience myself in weight gain, loss and life challenges was worth it in order to share with others exactly how to overcome those issues.

Please share a few books you’ve read that have had a big impact on your life and work:

There are so many! Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore, A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle, The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Small Miracles by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal, Power vs. Force by David Hawkins, Mutant Message from Down Under by Marlo Morgan, I could go on and on.

How can someone best reach you for more information?

It is my joy to hear from you!  Let’s see if I can help guide you to realize the results you want and the life you imagine in your fondest dreams. I can best be reached through my personal email address:  sally@transformandnourish.com

Who is she, really?  Things about Sally that might surprise and amuse you:

  • Sally has a brain for business and a heart for service. She formed a writing company, One World Writing LLC, and an online business Foghorn Sounds.com, selling the remastered sounds of an old foghorn she preserved when she was a little girl as a gift for her father. Another great source of accomplishment comes from the joy she feels as a practitioner of alternative healing methods. She has worked with people during childbirth, in the throes of suicidal feelings, and many other life challenges.
  • Writing is one of Sally’s great loves.  She started writing more in the areas of formal literature, poetry, and love it still, but then I connected with what she believes is her calling. “I found my greatest fit in non-fiction, helping others. It gave me a greater feeling of service and contribution when I was sending messages of hope than when I was writing poetry or other more literary-oriented works.   It took me a while to realize this.”
  • Sally knows how to keep confidences:  In her reporting days, Sally was known as a trustworthy journalist who knew how to keep her sources confidential. She brings that sense of trust to her clients, readers and workshop attendees.
  • Sally had a goal to speak in seminars in all 50 states and often chose less-desirable venues to make that goal a reality.  While others in her seminar company shunned some of the towns as too remote or the audiences too small, Sally had no trouble snapping them up. “Some of my best stories come from those locales. I have uncovered the most fascinating places, like the location used for the Apollo astronauts as they were preparing to walk on the moon, and I’ve met some of the most wonderful people, like the Basque taxi driver.”
  • Sally created five gardens in her backyard, just because she thought it would be interesting to discover if she could grow her own food and plant some of the flowers she has loved for years. It is another example of walking her talk and following her mission of exploring. areas that she considered a challenge.