Come with me on my eating adventure, my trek away from food addictions toward a plant-based diet. Being a foodaholic and sugar addict with over-sized hunger pangs and irresistible cravings makes life at mealtime challenging, and I know you get it! I went on what I call a trifecta diet: no sugar, no dairy and no bread.  Oh...and no alcohol to boot, the haven of hidden sugars. Easy? No. But it was worth it, as I was able to shed hunger pangs and cravings.

Follow my 25-day journey, each day, as I am faithful to a strenuous detox diet that reset my eating habits for a lifetime of healthier eating, and likely a longer life. Plus, if you would like more specifics on the portions I ate, or smoothie recipes just send me a note.

I struggle as you do. So read on, and see how I'm doing on any given day. Here goes: