This was an exercise day I set for myself. Unfortunately, additional expenditure of calories means more hunger. Got so hungry I ate lunch early- had the black and green salad from two days ago. Thank heaven I made enough to last a few days so I wasn’t forever preparing meals.  I even took two capsules of Glucomannan, which is supposed to take care of an appetite brought on by an empty stomach. But I had to start eating before my designated 2:00 time frame or risk going off-plan.

Breakfast- Fresh juice- 2 carrots, 6 celery stalks, 1 rainbow chard leaf, romaine and spinach with one lemon to make it tangy. Added 1 Tablespoon ground sprouted flax for fiber and fullness.

Lunch- I put the quinoa/black bean mixture on top of some cabbage shreds to feel fuller. Then– miracle of miracles: I was satisfied with only half!  Don’t know if it was the Glucomannan kicking in so I felt fuller faster, or that I am satisfied with less after 22 days of detoxing.  Bit of both, maybe.

Dinner- Green smoothie, a pint of spinach, romaine, juice of 1 lemon, water.  Perfectly satisfying.

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