A study of food and drink choices is often a big surprise. This is an insightful look at the vitamin and mineral content of the foods you eat.

You will be given simple food and beverage intake forms to fill out and I will ask you to keep a record of everything that goes into your mouth (except the tops of pens!) for one week. Then, I will study your eating habits, select one day and analyze it for the real nutrients it contains, including all the main vitamins and major minerals, as well as calories. If you want me to check for a particular vitamin or mineral that is not on my standard list, I will be happy to include it.

I will not only give you a compilation of the vitamins, minerals, and calories in the foods you ate, but give you my take as a nutritionist. What is helping, and hindering your wellbeing? I’ll give you a full report on the impact of your food choices on your long-term health.

I also give you the value of your food choices based on the RDA, the Recommended Daily Allowance, to see if you are meeting nutritional standards as recommended by the government. But I will also give you my evaluation beyond the RDAs, which are considered by many nutrition experts to be the bare minimum. This is an extremely enlightening exercise!

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