I had a slipup today, but not a really big one. It’s still within the realm of appropriateness.  I sneaked some of my husband’s potato skin.  The plan was supposed to have me off potatoes by yesterday. Well… I figured I’m not introducing something that is off-plan, and it is something I ate straight for three days.  I think no harm, no foul.

I tried out my new Omega juicer with just greens today.  It was awarded Best Masticating Juicer of 2019 on Amazon and is phenomenal, and–no small point– easy to clean. I had been looking for a juicer that doesn’t take up half my day cleaning and I finally found it.  Best present ever!  Thank you Phil!  It went right through the wheatgrass like nothing. What a joy to be able to juice my own wheatgrass.  Fair warning if you haven’t tried wheatgrass before; it tastes like y0u’re drinking your lawn. But oh, the benefits to the body!

Breakfast: Green Smoothie: juice of 1 lemon, water, spinach, organic protein powder, sprouted ground flax & broccoli seed. Shot glass full of wheatgrass.

Lunch: Green smoothie with berries, greens, protein powder, and sprouted flax and chia seed.

Afternoon snack: None today

Dinner: More green smoothie, see lunch.

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