I was hungry the first part of the day, but that was my fault.  Tax preparation kept me busy all morning and I just simply didn’t want to stop to eat.  So at noon, I put together the meal that was the fastest, crunchiest and easiest to prepare:  pre-shredded red and green cabbage, avocado on top with vinegar, oil and no-salt seasonings.  I munched on that as I worked and then had a quart of green smoothie that carried me through what became a late lunch and dinner.

Breakfast- (Noon) Green and red shredded cabbage, one whole avocado, onion flakes, garlic powder, and other mixed no-salt seasonings.

Lunch- (2:00) Green smoothie of kale, spinach, protein powder, sprouted flax and chia, and frozen mixed berries.

Dinner- (4:30) The rest of the quart of smoothie from lunch.

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