The lentil soup, which I was sure would taste SO bland, was actually delicious!  Who knew? Maybe my tastes are changing. I certainly am craving salt less, and so far I have no sugar cravings either.  This is so good!

I felt a little punk today; I may have worked out a little too strenuously yesterday but I took it easy today, except for making the soup, which was required.  It felt like comfort food!  The carrots, lentils, no-salt seasonings, and especially the wild rice just hit the spot.

Breakfast- Green smoothie with spinach, some turnip greens, chard leaf, and romaine, with juice of a lemon to make it more palatable.  Also added protein powder and sprouted flax and chia for fiber.

Lunch and Dinner- I had spoonfuls of the lentil soup as I was preparing it, which ended up somewhere between lunch and dinnertime.  Red lentils, wild rice, carrots, onions, garlic, no-salt seasonings including onion chips, garlic powder, and an herb seasoning blend.

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