Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, which was required by the protocol: two quarts of green smoothie and a quart of apple juice. Again, I had to cut the sugar-laden apple juice, even though it was natural, organic, fresh-squeezed, with the vinegar/water mixture for my borderline-high blood sugar issues.

I exercised and took a coffee enema (yes, I am serious about cleansing my colon after eating anything and everything from Thanksgiving to Christmas). For the second day of the apple-water-smoothie combo I felt good, but more tired in the evening- could barely make it to 10:00.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- A quart of apple juice, apple cider vinegar and water split between meals on an empty stomach. Meals were two quarts of green smoothie:  romaine, spinach, lemon mixed berries and wild blueberries (frozen, organic).

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