Sugar spells trouble for our bodies and science has shown us almost countless reasons to avoid it.

It creates hunger and cravings.

It feeds cancer cells.

It can cause inflammation and wreak havoc in our brains, causing brain fog and memory issues

The list goes on.  So…are you ready to call it quits, at least for a week?

Here is what I propose:

I will send you information regarding sugar to keep you motivated. When you sign up for the program on the “Check out Sally’s List of Services” button on the right side of the page, send me your contact information also. I will then be able to send you info on the Sugar Demon and how to keep that nasty sucker at bay!

Next. we will take it to a deeper, more personal level:

We can have three private conversations during the week, to set you up for a successful day. OR,  you can use those three times to call me when you’re feeling weak and need a pep talk. Together, we can do this!

So hit the green button and let’s get started!