A mile marker today:  I am down ten pounds!  How much of that is water weight remains to be seen. I realize I am flushing out a lot of toxic fluids that have been trapped in cells, and clearing out my colon, so how much fat is actually lost is probably not much. But that will come in time.  First order of business: getting the poisons out of my organs and other tissues.

Speaking of organs, I am now on the liver-gallbladder portion of this 26-day detox. This phase requires a quart of apple juice and two quarts of green smoothie for the day. That’s it for the day, which is way too much for me at this point. My stomach is the right size now for my body so the program does not determine differences between a five-foot female and a six-foot guy.

I have blood sugar issues, so a quart of apple juice would have sent my numbers skyrocketing. An option given for diabetics and people like me with borderline high blood sugar is to substitute apple cider vinegar mixed with water instead of apples.  I decided to compromise and do half a quart of apple juice, freshly squeezed of course, and the other half with the vinegar-water mixture.  It was so filling, though.

Breakfast and Lunch-  Fresh apple juice and apple cider vinegar with water, one quart total, but not all at breakfast. Needed an empty stomach so I took it in throughout the day.

Dinner- One quart of green smoothie:  romaine, spinach, one leaf chard, water, frozen organic berries.

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