I had been following a program that is starting to use fruit too heavily.  Don’t get me wrong; i love fruit, but right now it doesn’t love me.  I check my blood with finger sticks periodically and my blood sugar is too high.  In fact, I took a baseline reading one morning and then ate grapefruit, one of the least-sugar fruits around, but my sugar levels soared.

Am I heading for diabetes? I am not taking chances and am minimizing my fruit and all sugar for the time being.  I was supposed to be off the bland vegetable soup tonight, but I was hungry, some soup was left over, and I was told I could eat things already introduced on the plan.

Took an infrared sauna.  Didn’t sweat as much as last time.  Maybe I am not drinking as much water as I should.

Breakfast- Big Green Smoothie with fruit.  Very satisfying.  Good thing. I had to go out and shovel.

Lunch– Green Smoothie with rainbow chard, dandelion greens, water, whole lemon, protein powder and sprouted chia and flax.

Dinner- Hungry! Had the rest of  the green smoothie, then needed more of the veggie soup from previous days (used Mrs. Dash salt-free chicken sprinkles for flavor. Again it was more satisfying.) Also had the vinegar, cucumber, tomato red onion salad. Would have liked to be satisfied with just the smoothie, but I was still hungry so when I made the plan-based soup and salad for the family, I had some too.

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