What a mistake not going to the grocery store and doing my prep on Sunday, so  I was out early gathering everything I needed for the programmed detox I am using.  I find I am drifting further away from some of the recipes, since many contain maple syrup and grains, both of which I am trying to avoid.

I had a higher Hemoglobin A1c report the last time I had blood work. That means borderline diabetes, so I am not messing around with raising my blood sugar. Even too many carrots or beets in my smoothies is not a great idea. And grains don’t seem to help me with progress toward my weight loss goal. Yes, this is a detox, but with all the healthy foods and a complete lack of sugar and flour, it isn’t unreasonable to think I’ll lose weight too.

When I returned with all my goodies I immediately set about making a millet porridge, which took awhile, so had to eat something before it was prepared. Going to the store on an empty stomach always dangerous; hunger is Enemy Number One of detox and weight loss goals. Since I’ve been on this now for a full week I’m not getting any sugar cravings and feel my body is being nourished beautifully. So, I squeezed in some green juice while I was preparing the millet for my hubby and I.  Breakfast became tied in with lunch for me, in reverse order, as you’ll see:

Breakfast – Green juice from my trusty Omega juicer:  Half a head of romaine, 2 carrots, 4 celery, lemon.

Lunch – Millet porridge with coconut milk and orange juice (the O.J. was so little for the entire batch that I was not concerned about it.  However, it did also include stevia and, of all things, maple syrup. I let my husband, who is only doing this detox halfway, drizzle on some maple syrup; I didn’t put it in the batch. Also find I don’t need stevia, I am losing my need for sweetness. This is very big for me since I had quite a sweet tooth.

Dinner – By dinnertime, I was powerfully hungry.  I ate my salad right after I made it, a half-hour before dinnertime. and that wasn’t enough. I was more than halfway through my baked sweet potato when I served Phil his meal.

Salad of red and green cabbage with raw pumpkin seeds and red wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic dressing. A bit of stevia. I was not prepared for how delicious this was.  Also relished my baked sweet potato with coconut oil instead of butter.

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