“I am so glad I found you!  Following your suggestions and recommendations has made a positive change in my daily life.  I’ve lost weight, and my digestive system is back on track.  Thank you for your support!  Margaret– Clarkston, MI

I would like nothing better than to assist you personally and privately, one to one, beyond the book, blog, article or workshop.  I’ve assisted clients from teenagers to the elderly, women in the throes of childbirth and young people thinking of ending their lives. Helping people create fresh perspectives and move forward on their personal journeys is my passion, so let’s work together on any roadblocks you might have. Emotional eating? Job or relationship challenges? Soul searching dilemmas? I would be honored if you would consider me the coach that will not tell you what to do, but empower you to make life-changing decisions.

Ever since my journalism days, I have been known as a trustworthy confidante.  You can rely on me to give you honest feedback, and you will be able to speak your truth in a safe environment. We can talk about anything keeping you from your dreams and goals, work on emotional eating and nutrition issues, or any troublesome topics beyond food.

In addition to becoming a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, I am a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC), a designation which means I can help you over life’s stumbling blocks based on my personal experience, extensive research, and training in sixteen healing methods including CranioSacral and Heart-Centered Therapy. In addition, I am also proud to be a minister in the Essene Church (wedding, anyone?). You might be able to tell, I have a soul-level desire to help people.

Here is the bizarre part.  I’m only charging $45.00 an hour.  Amazing, right?  That’s because I know how money is tight from the days when my husband lost his job, then contracted cancer, all while our son was in law school. We struggled, and I feel your pain if money is one of your issues. I want to help.

Hope to be with you soon, face-to-face, Skype, Google Hangout, or a good old-fashioned low-tech phone conversation.

“I have been where you are, not exactly of course, but I have felt lost and frustrated to the point I wanted to run away from my troubles. I can guide you from a completely empathic, compassionate, nurturing place. You can move out of your rut, and feel the relief that you’re on the right path once again.”

Sally Scobey

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