I am on day ten and weighed myself this morning. 6 3/4 pounds released.  On Phase Two- days 5-7 I was supposed to be on an all-juice and smoothie phase, but I fudged with some of the solid foods from Phase One. I’m going to try it again, keeping in mind that I can always have a salad if the hunger becomes so intense. I’m not going to risk going off the plan entirely. The breakfast juice was delicious and satisfying, I hope that continues.

Breakfast- Juiced: box of Kale medley with spinach, kale chard and carrots shreds, 2 medium carrots, 4 celery, 1/3 beet, 1/3 green apple. and 3/4 lemon juice, squeezed separately.  The lemon adds a tang and makes the whole thing more palatable, for me.

Lunch- Green smoothie with spinach and 2 red chard leaves, 2/3 lemon, ground sprouted flax and chia seed, protein powder.

Dinner- 2 cups red and green cabbage, raw pumpkin seeds, dressing of garlic, olive oil, red and white wine vinegar, stevia Was satisfied, didn’t think I would be. I was going to make a green salad or a sweet potato but I wasn’t hungry enough to eat them.

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