WEIGHTLESS AT LAST™  Finally Dropping the Pounds
at 40, 50, or Beyond

After 40 years of struggle and mental anguish, long after menopause, I finished my diet only a few days before my 59th birthday. I used my “advanced age” as an excuse, until I finally figured out how it wasn’t too late after all. I want to share with you how I did it, so you can feel the elation I felt, Finally! Specific, meaty (lean!) instructions.


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Inspired by the oceans of the world for many years, I grabbed a camera and captured the sights that spoke to my heart.  This picture book with corresponding observations for a life well lived is a unique gift of inspiration for yourself or a loved one.  JUST RELEASED!  CLICK BELOW TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY.


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Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Shore


LESSONS FROM THE SEA:  What I Always Wanted to Tell You

This is a book of wisdom and sage advice, written by Sally as she faced cancer, not knowing if she would be able to see her son’s graduation from high school. It addresses fear, failure, frustration, faith and other major life issues and how to face them with grace.


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