sallyatdeskMy dream is to share knowledge beyond the book or workshop. I would like nothing better than to assist you personally and privately, one to one. Let’s work on the roadblocks together. I would be honored if you would consider me the coach that will empower you to make life changing decisions.

Ever since my journalism days I have been known as a trustworthy confidante.  You can rely on me to give you honest feedback and you will be able to speak your truth in a safe environment. We can talk about anything keeping you from your dreams and goals, and work on food and nutrition issues, and any issues beyond food.

In addition to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist, I am a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC), a designation which means I can help you over life’s stumbling blocks based on my personal experience, extensive research, and training in sixteen healing methods including CranioSacral and Heart-Centered Therapy.  I’ve assisted clients from teenagers to the elderly, those pondering ending their lives and women in the throes of childbirth. Helping people create new lives and move forward on their personal journeys is my passion.

“I have been where you are, not exactly of course, but I have felt lost and frustrated to the point I wanted to run away from my troubles. I can guide you from a completely empathic, compassionate, nurturing place. You can move out of your rut to feel the relief that you’re on the right path once again.”

Sally Scobey