This book was born of love, from a desire to share thoughts with my son that, at the time, I wasn’t sure I’d be around to do personally. I was facing cancer, and wondered if I would survive to see his high school graduation.

This heartfelt book is packed with words of wisdom, sage advice, things I was thinking at the time I would never be able to share with him personally because he was simply too young to grasp the concepts.

Sea life can be found to exemplify lessons we can take to heart on land.  For example, fear is represented by the hermit crab, frustration by the worm shell, failure by the flounder, and more. These examples are heads of chapters dealing with major life issues. It is not a children’s book.

Fear is represented by the hermit crab, fire by the starfish, focus by the fiddler crab, frustration by the worm shell, and so on. Each sea creature is an example of the life lesson I want to share.

Even if you are not facing a life-threatening challenge, but simply want to give a book to a friend or loved one that resonates on so many levels, this is the perfect gift.


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