Shells, or the creatures within them, have the ability to create magnificent sculpture around  themselves, transforming their outer shapes into things of beauty. Some of us have barnacles, but they can be shaken off. Sometimes it requires effort to scrape off those barnacles, but it can be done. We can become all we need to be by upping our game and changing either the foods we eat, or the way we look at life.

Like shells, we can also grow new “layers” of determination and strength, curving outward daily in a fresh expression of our true selves. As the shell grows in beautiful patterns outwardly, the animal that creates it has a soft underbelly which must be nurtured and supported. We can transform ourselves. We are all shells, Divine sculpture, individual and beautiful. My mission is to help nurture you along your journey and show you how to protect yourself from life’s buffeting waves. Let me help you transform yourself in new and exhilarating ways.