I am happy to report I didn’t have a weight gain today, which I thought might happen with the potatoes and the small amount of organic mayo, which I had to use to hold the potato salad together. I’m also grateful that the addition of eggs didn’t appear to have any effect; I didn’t have a stuffy or a runny nose, which I often do when I have one of my rare food allergies.  I thought I might be more sensitive to them after not consuming them for a while. This doesn’t appear to be the case.

Breakfast:  Green smoothie with spinach, cilantro, lemon, celery, and a fuji apple. I worked in my garden and ran errands most of the morning and didn’t get to my breakfast until 11:30.  But my smoothie was delicious. However, it didn’t stay with me long.  I was hungry again by 1:15. Thankfully it was past lunchtime so I dove right in.

Lunch:  I finished another 1/4 of the remaining chicken breast in bone broth, and had a small pile of potato salad from yesterday.  One of my goals is to weigh my foods to see how much I am eating, but I’ll be on vacation in another two days, so I’m letting that slide and concentrating on whole, healthy foods for now.

Dinner: Chicken salad (from deli…mistake) with cranberries and walnuts with spring mixed greens. The cranberries were sweet, and any dried fruit has concentrated sugar.  I could sense my increasing hunger based on tasting the sweetness of the cranberries. That’s what sugar will do to the dopamine receptors of a sugar addict.  Thankfully I didn’t let it go on to dessert or some other finishing sweet.  My drinks helped me with that.

Beverages:  It occurred to me you would want to know everything I drank on any given day.  Usually have two quarts water with lemon and lime, sometimes stevia to make it a lemon-limeade, then a cop each of leaf and root teas.

This was a good day.  Let’s see what the scales say…


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