I hope my luck stays with me.  So far I haven’t had any cravings, especially for the dreaded sugar.  I know it looks like I am not eating much, but actually, you can have almost a bucket-sized salad for the calories in greens. My veggie portions are large, so they are very filling.  Believe me, I am not starving myself.  I am satisfied after every meal, so much so that on several occasions I saved half my salad for the next day’s breakfast.  Like today…


Half of last night’s salad


Smoothie with Fit protein powder, collagen, prebiotic powder, hemp milk. Deciding on a vegetarian meal, I included 4 seaweed snacks and 10 almonds.


FIRST TIME OUT TO DINNER since starting my new way of eating. I think I did well:  Started with a Manhattan clam chowder (I prefer New England, but thought I’d avoid the cream and take the broth/tomato based option), small salad with my own dressing I brought from home in my oversized purse.  I added just a touch of the Santa Fe Chipotle dressing they offered at the salad bar. 2 oz. smoked chicken, 1/2 serving sautéed kale. Was concerned about the oil they used on the kale, and forgot to ask for olive. Oh well, next time.

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