This is the day the devil was sitting on my shoulder.   I had the rest of a salad I made for breakfast and finished at dinner, but I added three strips of turkey bacon. They were only 1.47 oz. total, but I didn’t count on the trigger factor. Yup, it triggered me.  The bacon must have been cured with sugar, because I wanted more and more.  I ended up snacking my way through a third of a bag of what is marketed as “skinny sticks” (their actual name). Top billing on the front of the package suggests they are made of  mostly quinoa and chia seeds. The back of the package under ingredients tells the real story. Well, those sticks are sprinkled with chia, but not enough for a nutrient benefit, and the quinoa was laced with corn, white and brown rice flours. I knew better; I wanted not to look at the back of the package. Of course they are better than potato chips and white flour crackers, but not as much as they would like you to believe.  When I weighed myself the next day I had gained 3/4 pound. I had been doing so well. There likely shouldn’t have been that much of a fluctuation. I know it will pass quickly, but it’s frustrating.


Turkey slices, 3.85 oz. in salad of broccoli “pearls,” stemed cauliflower, microgreens, cucumber, and a combination of homemade Tahini dressing,  My Favorite (recipe in blogs), and garlic sauce.


Smoothie of vanilla-flavored coffee, coconut/almond milk, spirulina, chlorella, turmeric, collagen, prebiotic powder, Garden of Life protein powder.


Remainder of morning salad with 3 strips of turkey bacon added.  Became a trigger food, caused a craving for more savory food.  Ate 6-8 taro chips, then finished a bag of Skinny Sticks Quinoa and Chia snacks.  See above for result.

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