I was feeling punk all day, and not just because I was up an entire pound from yesterday.  I was on such a roll, too, feeling great, and enough energy to exercise and vigor to burn.  I am wondering if the fact that I allowed the unhealthy snack last night tipped my good roll into the ditch.  My body was cleansing, clearing itself of the bad stuff, then out of the blue, I ate those “quinoa-chia” snacks that turned out to be more corn and rice.  Maybe it was my body revolting against the revolting food after I had been good for 11 days.  I had no energy to exercise, worked at home, and had so little go-power that I took an afternoon nap. Not nauseated, not feeling like the cold or flu is coming on, just “off.”


Tumeric Tea (see Day 8)

LUNCH:  1:15

Miso soup (from a tub of Miso Master Organic), added 4 oz chicken breast, 2 sliced celery stalks, two chopped green onions. Very satisfying with salt and pepper.

DINNER:  6:00

Smoothie:  chocolate-flavored bone broth collagen, coconut milk, shaved coconut meat, maca, hemp, almond butter, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella.

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