Up a pound yesterday, back down today.  The metabolism does not adjust steadily. It’s important to remind myself not to be discouraged by these types of fluctuations. The body is a strange beast with multiple adjustments going on at any moment, only a fraction which we likely know about.


Glass fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  1/2 hour later, veggie juice fresh squeezed – beet, carrot, celery.


4 oz. homemade hummus.  2 oz. kalamata olives (this combination suggested by Susan Peirce Thompson in one of  her Bright Line Eating blogs).  Combined these two with spinach for a great salad.  No dressing necessary; the hummus was the dressing. Delish.


Buffalo patty, 4 oz., with greens, microgreens, cukes, dressings with avocado oil base and no sugar.

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