This was a big challenge today, but I passed the test. It was a bit of a risk since I tried something with sugar content for the first time in 16 days. I was apprehensive. Would I get a sugar buzz?  Would I start getting so hungry I’d want to eat everything in sight? I was playing with fire and I knew it.

We’d be having a late night dinner because of the Auto Show Gala, so I saved some of my lunch salad for just before we left, and had a small protein smoothie in coffee.  That held me until we ate, and I only had about a third of a kale salad and half my drink.  That could have been a big mistake, with the sugar content in the alcohol, but I was not triggered.  I gave the rest of the drink to my husband. He was happy to help me out.  This might work well for me, on very special occasions.  Our taste buds don’t pick up much after about three sips, or bites, anyway. I was so grateful there was no sugar rush.  I think I’ve turned a corner.


Leaf Tea:  great liver cleanse- raspberry leaf, nettles, dandelion leaf


Ground turkey patty with asparagus and greens.  Avocado oil-based lemon vinaigrette. Ate half, wasn’t hungry.


Before the black-tie auto gala, I had the rest of the lunch salad with a Fit shake in coffee (I don’t really drink anything with caffeine but I thought I’d have trouble being awake for the late night event.)

After the event hubby wanted to grab a bite. I found a great Kale and Parsnip salad on the menu. Ate about a third. Had half the alcoholic drink.

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