I thought so.  I was up 1/2 pound, even though I was relatively good yesterday.  Ok- yes I had those crackers, so that could have thrown things off a bit, but I was good today:


3.5 oz. chicken, 3 celery stalks, garlic salt, onion powder, onion flakes, bone broth, cracked pepper to make a healthy chicken soup. Ate/drank half (I was full, it was all I wanted).

LUNCH: (3:15)

Smoothie with chocolate bone broth, collagen, cacao (1 TBLSP), coconut milk. Total:  130 calories

DINNER: (6:30)

Turkey patty (didn’t weigh but guessed to be about 4 oz, or slightly less), crumbled on spinach and romaine greens, garbanzo beans, 0.3 oz. blue cheese, chopped broccoli, turmeric/lemon dressing.


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