Looking at my previous posts, I hope no-one reading these gets the idea that I think these meals are well-balanced nutritionally.  They are not.  Throughout this site I have mentioned how important it is to experiment with your eating habits based on what your own body needs.  Right now, for a short amount of time, I am conquering my borderline insulin resistance.  My blood sugar spikes far too high on foods that aren’t exactly packed with sugar. And, though I would love to continue the beet-carrot-celery juice I was making for myself (Day 14 and earlier), it created a sugar spike that caused me to want more sugar-packed foods.  So, for now, I am avoiding all sugars with great hope that I can revive my dopamine receptors and go back to eating fruit.  Fruit is wonderful, healthy stuff and I love it. But not right now.  First things first. I have to get my body back in gear.


2.4 oz. turkey patty with garlic sauce


Green tea/lotis tea, one square 88% cacao dark chocolate bar. (No, this is not really lunch. Wasn’t hungry and the chocolate square, which is actually a superfood. I will create a blog on chocolate soon.


8 oz. spinach, romaine, cukes, 4 oz. chicken chunks on salad, low oil (avocado) dressing and garlic sauce



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