Today I ate out and was a little bit naughty…not as naughty as I could have been, but I didn’t gain any weight. Wonder if it will show up in future days.  See below for particulars:


4 oz. hummus, 5.10 oz. spinach and broccoli nibs with onion powder, olive juice from Greek Olives, handful peanuts.

Skipped lunch, working through the lunchtime, so I was really hungry by dinnertime. Consequently, I was hungry in the afternoon, thinking about sugar, and how I could cheat. My opportunity came at dinner when my husband wanted to go out to a Mexican restaurant. I took that opportunity and ran with it, in the wrong direction.


“Skinny margarita, and chips (bad) with salsa verde (good). Ate traditional tacos, without the shell…just chicken, cilantro, onion and limes with avocado.

After dinner, however, we went grocery shopping. Even though it was a good idea to go shopping for food after eating, I was still hungry! I bought cranberry scones, ostensibly for my husband, who loves scones. I think the “skinny” margarita caused a hunger rush, even though it didn’t have sugar added (thus the “skinny” designation) it DID have sugar in the alcohol. And I did have pistachios and one of those scones when we got home. Now, to review, I had plenty of food at dinner.  This is a classic example of sugar in the form of alcohol, or any other hidden sugar source, taking over in the system and causing additional hunger after a full meal. Note to self: If you really want to lose, drop the booze, in all its forms, until you’re back to your goal weight. Alcohol isn’t healthy anyway.  Should blog about that one of these days.


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