I was REALLY hungry today, possibly because of the alcohol two days ago and the scone catching up with me. Another Faux pas: I had too-few calories in an attempt to make up for it.  Big mistake.


Green smoothie with spirulina, chlorella, turmeric, collagen/bone broth.

LUNCH:  4:00

Amazing Grass green superfood, orange creamsicle grass superfood (Amazing Grass), 8 oz. almond milk, stevia, orange extract. Pistachios and sesame sticks.

DINNER: 6:45

Chicken and romaine and spinach. Avocado oil salad dressing.

I know I’m much better off eating more, even it means shedding pounds more slowly. Sometimes I’m just too busy. Funny, it seems I’m never too busy to find the wrong foods, or, in the case of nuts, eating too many.  It’s so easy to eat handfuls of nuts when the most I should eat is 0.5 ounces, which could only be about 8.  Not very satisfying when you want more.


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