Well, I guess some progress is being made:  I was down a quarter pound from yesterday, even though I ate late (8:30 pm) and had the higher-fat-content seeds instead of lean animal protein.  This may not have happened if I was closer to my goal weight, but I’ve allowed myself to eat so much of anything I wanted during the holiday that I ballooned way up, fat as our Christmas tree this year.  I ate breakfast at 1:30, so busy working on a new program that I didn’t feel hunger ’til then.  What a blessing not to have sugar, and the hunger it produces, running the show!


Green Smoothie:  coconut milk, spinach, kale, turmeric, Amazing Grass chocolate greens, Fit protein powder, collagen powder, organic prebiotic fiber, spirulina, chlorella.


Mixed greens, chicken, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cucumber. Store-bought salad dressing made with avocado oil.

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