BREAKFAST:  Started the morning off with fruit, which is best. Morning is the ideal time to eat fruit alone for the optimal digestion of the fruit’s nutrients. The hotel had a house-made yogurt, a small ramekin only half-full. Well, why not? It was velvety, luscious. And sweet.  Probably brown sugar.  I didn’t want to ask. When we got back to the room I noticed my body was reacting in ways that made me want to sequester myself from my husband before he made some rude comment about the air quality in my vicinity. Maybe I am sensitive to dairy after all. I have had not one bite for weeks.  Then again, it could be a reaction to the beef and the entire meal I had last night. The only way to know is to reintroduce dairy methodically after these thirty days are over.

LUNCH:  Breakfast food at a restaurant with friends. While others had bloody marys I stood firm with my club soda and lime. I also had a do-it-yourself omelet with green onion, green peppers, and slices of avocado. Trying to be good and make up for being naughty last night.

SNACK: I haven’t had any snacks for ten days. Digestion works best when the system rests for three or four hours. But we got the munchies in the car and I had the Cajun blend of sesame sticks, rice bits, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

DINNER: We went out for a quick bite, a light dinner of soup and salad. Unfortunately, we were on Weekend Mode, so we added a drink to a perfectly light meal.  The soups were butternut squash and navy bean.  I probably put too much ranch dressing on my salad.  Didn’t ask the waitress if the salad dressing had any sugar in the ingredient list.

The results for my weekend off my eating plan:  up 1 1/2 pounds.  Sigh.  That’s what happens.

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