I’m actually getting a sense of equibrium today. I feel comfortable with my food choices; they satisfy me and I’m not craving sugar.  Do you know why I’m not craving sugar? Because I’m not eating it which causes the hunger for more of it.  I’ll never forget how I couldn’t stop eating pulled pork one evening.  I served the family, and then, as I wrapped up the leftovers, I keep eating forkfuls as I put it away.  Wait a minute…I had a full meal like everyone else.  What gives?  I read the label of the BBQ sauce I used and discovered the very first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. It was likely causing problems with my leptin. My brain was not getting the message I was full! It’s a very popular brand, but I don’t know how they can look themselves in the mirror and continue to make such a product that is so disruptive to the body.  No more pulled pork for me. But back to today’s choices:


BREAKFAST:  2.5 ounces chicken with celery and bone broth to make chicken soup


LUNCH:  A spice-coffee smoothie:  Vanilla protein shake, turmeric, collagen, green tea, moringa, prebiotic powder, and a tsp. decaf instant coffee with coconut milk. It’s sort of a pumpkin latte’ without the pumpkin, but has the pumpkin spices.


DINNER:  2 oz. turkey patty and leftover bok choy salad from yesterday.


I realized most of the day I was sedentary, writing sitting down and re-doing my website. I felt so good by day’s end, like I had really accomplished something, both on paper and with my dietary habits. Then I weighed myself the next day and I had gained 3/4 pounds back! How can this be??? I had such good food choices and wasn’t hungry.  This is where, in the past, I have said chuck it and started to eat the naughties again.  But I can’t do it this time.  I have to realize it could be water weight, waiting for bowels to release waste, and maybe a signal that I need to get more movement in tomorrow.

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