There are those who would say that when you are on a roll, when you have a project that is so enjoyable and consuming that you forget that it is time to eat, that’s a good thing.  Well, yes and no.  I love to be wrapped up in a writing or presentation project, but if I forget to eat, it comes back to haunt me later in the day.  Today is an example.  I didn’t get breakfast until 1:10 in the afternoon.  I was hungry enough by that time that I was salivating like Pavlov’s dogs when I took the salad dressing out of the refrigerator.  Not a good sign!  I went back to work and had to go to the grocery store at about 5:00, which is late for me.  I’m usually preparing dinner around this time. That meant dinner wasn’t on the table until 7:25.  Since I follow the rule that you shouldn’t eat 3-4 hours before bedtime to let your digestion complete and give you a good night’s rest, that wasn’t good timing, since I get in bed around 10:30.  But I ate fairly lightly and I slept through the night.

BREAKFAST/LUNCH:  3.35 oz chicken breast (I gave myself a little more than my usual 3 oz since I was combining a meal), spinach, red cabbage, and mint dressing.

DINNER:  Ground turkey patty on a bed of spinach and red cabbage with mint dressing.

Yes, I realize I am in a rut here. I shredded a lot of red cabbage, and it is such good fiber that I’m using it up.  I am aware that I do not have a balanced meal. I’m going to have to blog somewhere that I have a special situation since I have discovered I have some insulin resistance and likely Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to contend with, which required staying away from many foods. We are all different, and your need to experiment in one direction or another will likely be different from mine.  Note to self:  this will require a blog of its own.

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