I’ve actually lost a pound from yesterday.  Will it stay off?  How much of that is water weight?  This is where my persistence is rewarded. I need reminding that the body adjusts, water weight causes fluctuation, and I need to be patient as I change my metabolism for permanent, sustainable weight loss and a healthy journey.

BREAKFAST: 2.7 oz (I’m using my scale more now, for exact measurements) ground turkey with onions and celery.  Shredded cabbage and mint dressing.

LUNCH:  small amount kale-quinoa salad leftover from yesterday

DINNER: 3 oz chicken in bone broth with celery and onion. Leftover bok choy from Day 4.

I have to admit, the bok choy salad was so soggy by then I can’t recommend it, but I’m one of these people who will tolerate wilted greens and cold meat.  Seems I have some sort of survivalist gene at play!

BEVERAGES:  This is the first day I drank something other than water:  1 cup decaf. green tea

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