Readers might be wondering, since I consider the plant-based diet to be healthiest, why am I eating meat at almost every meal? It’s sad, but simple.  My body seems to require it.

My over-arching principle is that we must discover what our individual bodies require, then add the most beneficial nutrients while eliminating offending substances of all kinds. I have gained a few pounds lately, and I have tried to lose those pounds eating nuts and seeds for protein and pea-protein smoothies. My body will not release weight with those things. I will not eat tempe’…all gluten. Tofu is not a problem for me, but soy is not tolerated well by so many people, and for the most part we don’t know what inflammation is going on in our bodies until it surfaces as a health issue.  My body does well on hormone-free, cage-free, humanely raised chicken and turkey and wild-caught, line-caught fish like whitefish and salmon.  I used to love tuna, but will probably have to chelate someday to get rid of the mercury that is certainly in my system.

So, while I love animals, and would like to eventually not eat any of them, right now I need fish and fowl. Beef and pork are already off my diet. Not only are these intelligent, loving animals who have displayed affection and deep relationship with humans, but I’m relieved to say they don’t feel good in my body anymore. As strange as it may sound, my body seems to be weaning me off beef and pork. What I mean by that is I feel bloated, heavy, and generally not well after I eat them. I don’t get a full night’s sleep, ever, if I’ve eaten beef or pork. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling a general lack of health and an uncomfortable stomach.  Not a stomach ache, just unwell.  It’s hard to describe it beyond that. But that is when you tune in and listen to your body about what it requires, and doesn’t thrive on or want, for sustenance.

On to this day’s dining selections:

BREAKFAST:  3 oz chicken breast with garlic sauce, a small amount of the remaining kale and quinoa salad from yesterday

LUNCH:  Spice smoothie:  protein powder, collagen, green tea, tumeric, prebiotic, moringa, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut milk

DINNER:  3 oz. ground turkey patty with broth, small salad of spinach, spring greens, and mint dressing.

I had just worked out, and apparently the exercises I chose were hard on my stomach and I actually started feeling nauseated. For dinner I didn’t eat much.

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