Some of you are going to get on me for this…

BREAKFAST:  3 oz. chicken breast with garlic sauce.  I know, I know. Not a well-rounded meal. But I know that I need protein in the monring to keep me full until lunch. The garlic sauce is a plus since it is a veggie after all, and well-known for fighting colds and disease.  I am also taking advantage of not being horribly hungry while it lasts.  I’m wondering if my “honeymoon” with low volume meals will end in a few days once my body takes off some initial fat pounds and wakes up to say, “Hey! You weigh less than you did!  Time to get hungry again.”  I am counting on the fact that I am not eating sugar to keep my satiety levels up and my portions down.

LUNCH:  I decided to have a smoothie with almond milk as the base, plus a teaspoon of instant decaf coffee, collagen, tumeric, moringa, loose green tea, stevia, cinnamon and nutmeg. I made sure to have some enzymes and piperine (black pepper fruit extract) to help absorb the turmeric. You won’t always hear the message elsewhere to add piperine to tumeric, or take it separately when taking tumeric powder or capsules, but the body won’t assimilate the tumeric well without this.

The smoothie kept me full until dinner, though I had my lunch in the early afternoon to help deal with my Hungry Hour, which usually happens between 3:00 and 4:00. I was pretty hungry as I was preparing the meal, but this is only Day Two of removing the sugars or snack crackers I usually had at this time. I expect some hunger and cravings adjustments as I eliminate those former-goodies that aren’t really good at all!

DINNER: Salad of spring greens, orange tomatoes, celery, cukes, red cabbage, 3.5 oz tuna (low mercury), my favorite vinegar dressing (which I have now added to my blog), and a dash of organic ranch dressing. I was full until bedtime, which is usually 3-4 hours after having my last mouthful. No snacking to end digesting and allow my body to rest and do its overnight thing so I can get the proper sleep I need. I talk about the importance of Hormesis and Autophagy to sleep cycles and metabolism in my Slow Aging, Boost Energy and Get Healthy program. Down exactly one pound.  Did exercise (short high-intensity interval training).

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