Brunch:  The same B&B breakfast awaited us this morning as yesterday, so we went to our old favorite breakfast hangout, Morningstar Café and had a fabulous omelet with goat cheese, avocado, tomatoes, scallions, and chorizo. My coffee had cream; yeah, I am off dairy, right? The more days I’m into the vaca, the more the wheels come off. Well, at least I’m not having Bailey’s in my coffee or ordering Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s.  I know, I’m justifying my naughtiness.

Dinner:  We headed up the shoreline to see family members and hang out at their campsite. We bought turkey burgers and apple-chicken sausages so we wouldn’t have the typical hot dog, brat and hamburger fare. I commend myself for offering to bring healthy food rather than succumbing to eating the food that’s presented.

Late Snack (?): Back at home port, after a stunning sunset cruise aboard a friend’s Formula, we went hunting for a place to get a late bite.  Little did we know we closed the town down; most places were shutting their doors but we found a rooftop dining spot with music. Everyone at the table ordered pizza, but I thought I had a better alternative with some artichokes.  Unfortunately, they were au gratin.  So, a choice better than a pizza but not a great choice as it turns out. Thought I’d awaken in the night with heartburn, but it alluded me this time in spite of my choice to eat late.  It’s just a mystery why I didn’t get a burning stomach. This dish with the cheese surely would be a time. It wasn’t. I dodged a bullet.



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