Breakfast:   Right across from our hotel was an Original Pancake House. While I refrained from having pancakes, I did have a spinach crepe with mushroom sauce.  Well, the crepes were thin, right? So tiny, they were hardly there, I reasoned. And my fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice made up for it. But it didn’t make up for that other little Swedish crepe I had on the side, with lignan berry sauce. So tiny, so very, very tiny, she said in perfect denial.

Lunch: After walking our way through the Shedd Aquarium our appetites were primed for some tasty food.  We went to a Rush Street bar and I had the classic Bookbinder Soup, which is served with sherry.  It’s a tomato-based soup with snapper, all told not such a bad choice, that is, until I tried some of the artisan breads that also came to the table. I have made a conscious decision to have some gustatory fun and workout hard when I return. Drinks included. Wonder how long it will take to work this week off my butt.

Dinner: We worked up another appetite shopping on the Mag Mile for my son’s summer business attire (Phil and I learned what is proper at the EPA). We went to a favorite spot of mine on Michigan. Ave. and I did some Yuppie Grazing, that is, rather than eat a full meal I chose two appetizers, an eggplant dish and a small salad with goat cheese. Again, the goat cheese is one of the tamer cheeses since goats milk is easier to digest, but it was still a splurge. As for the eggplant, doesn’t that sound healthy?? It was, until they fried it.  It came out more like an eggplant parmigiana than an eggplant medallions appetizer.

I could feel my thighs growing with every meal.

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