I have said several times that this is not a blog about losing weight.  That said, it is important to understand that when I am overweight for having consumed too much of the wrong foods, I will post when I lose weight. It is a side effect of eating healthier. This is a step in the right direction. I am on my way to eating clean, which means giving up the store-bought salad dressings, etc.

BREAKFAST/LUNCH:  11:45-12:10. This is a combination of breakfast and lunch. I was busy writing in the morning, and the sedentary nature of my morning didn’t make me very hungry. So breakfast became lunch.

Miso soup made with bone broth, 3 oz. walnut paté, sauerkraut, combined with red cabbage and 1 tsp 1000 Island Dressing (see yesterday, my take on my old Reuben sandwich habit)


SNACK:  coffee with stevia and almond milk


DINNER:  chicken breast, salad with apple cider vinegar-based dressing, steamed broccoli


The result of this day:  I was not hungry and I lost a full pound.  I don’t think this will be sustainable.  Chances are that tomorrow I will be more hungry to make up for the calories I did not consume today.  I ate all I wanted, but the body is an amazing thing. If fewer calories are consumed one day, the body will be hungrier the next day, combating what it thinks is a famine situation. The answer is to eat more food to feel full the next day, but clean food like smaller portions of meat and lots of veggies. Fruits, too, in the am. It’s a consciousness game…to eat food to feel full rather than grab the high sugar, high-fat old goodies, caving into the ‘hungries.”


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