Well I’m down a pound, which is gratifying but let’s face it; pounds quickly added can be lost more easily than those that have been hanging around for awhile.

Breakfast:  I decided instead of a smoothie I’d mix myself a protein and fruit bowl.  I was never much of a cereal girl, but this hits the spot.  I soaked chia seeds in almond milk for 5 minutes, then added hemp hearts, blueberries, and raspberries with a dash of chocolate-raspberry flavored stevia. This dish hit the spot. Who needs cinnabons?

Lunch:  I used a coffee latte as a base for my smoothie. 8 grams of sugar was more than I wanted to pay, but I did it anyway and rationalized it was okay because of all my other wonderful ingredients:

  • spirulina tablets
  • chlorella powder
  • protein powder shake mix – Garden of Life Vanilla Chai (vegetable-sourced, no whey)
  • collagen powder
  • turmeric

These shakes look a dingy green-brown; I’m not going to lie to you, not appetizing to look at, but it tastes great and the bottom line is I’m getting nutrients you won’t find in the standard bacon-and-eggs with toast or pancakes breakfast, or the wheat or white bread sandwich with a lettuce leaf and processed meats for lunch.

Snack:  I’m trying to get away from afternoon snacks, but having some trouble with hunger.  Need to get my teas brewing again.  This time I had four scoops of yesterday’s guac on seed crackers. I’m in love with Mary’s Gone Crackers,  every flavor, and they really satisfy my need for something uber-crunchy.

Dinner:  I blew it.  Had a salad with tomato and spinach with a light balsamic dressing, and a wrap from a leanie-cuisiney type of company, which was terrible.  The wrap was nothing better than white bread.  What was I thinking??? But the worst part was when I decided to have a glass of wine.  It was a Gewürztraminer, which, at a wine tasting, was said to be only semi-sweet.  When I opened it I thought it was as sweet as a Riesling, which is pretty darn sweet.  Well, I got a sugar rush and it led to a ravenous hunger as if I hadn’t even had dinner. I ate three handfuls of peanuts together with some 70% cacao chocolate chips, kidding myself that I was making a healthy Reese’s in my mouth!  A low point in my desire to get back on board with my healthy eating.  Note to self: No wine.  At all.  Period. Stop it.

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