Excuses.  I kept giving myself excuses.  Just a half a donut.  Just a taste of this or that.  Not only are we talking about calories, but ingesting foods that cause bloat or inflammation, or both.  It’s not just a matter of calories in, calories out.  What are the calories? I kept fooling myself that a little or this or that wouldn’t hurt.  It did.

So I got religious with my eating habits. After this day, eating the foods listed below, I lost a half pound the next day.

BREAKFAST:  10:57 (eating late to prolong overnight fast) One small ground turkey patty, appx. 3.5 oz. Garlic sauce (the kind you get in Mediterranean food sections of grocery stores).


LUNCH:  2:43. Smoothie with coconut milk, vanilla protein powder (pea protein, not whey.  Remind me to do a blog on how whey is not helpful for anyone but a bodybuilder). Collagen powder, one scoop.


DINNER:  2 heaping tablespoons of dill-cultured sauerkraut.  I added 1 teaspoon  1000 island dressing for a bit of  the old Reuben sandwiches flavor I used to love.  Turns out I don’t miss the bread, and certainly not the corned beef! They would make me feel bloated, sluggish and “off” all day, and probably into the middle of the night.  It’s the tangy sauerkraut I enjoyed most, with just a taste of a dressing topper. I didn’t even the usual tablespoon often suggested as an appropriate serving.  Aren’t I just the good girl??? ( I know. I don’t want to check if there’s canola oil in the ingredient list.)

I also had 3 oz. low-mercury (it said it right on the package) tuna.  I miss tuna, but now they’re overfished, and I shudder to think of all the mercury in my body from the years of eating the stuff.  Used a teaspoon organic mayo and sliced up a Kosher dill.

Salad with shredded cabbage, a hint of organic ranch and mostly apple cider vinegar.

Down a half blubbery pound the next morning on the scales.


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