Well, I had to pay the piper for my indulgences, and I certainly did. My nose has been stuffy for days. Now I wonder how long it will take for me to lose the pounds I packed on during this one week trip.  I decided to put my better dining judgment aside and have whatever I wanted.  The result:  I gained 5 1/4 pounds! Yikes! In one week!  Can I pray some of that is water weight??

I took no probiotics while on the road (needed refrigeration) and heaven only knows what inflammation my body is battling because of my poor food choices.  I wasn’t about to pack my Vitamix and grind up veggies in my hotel room, but could I have made better choices?  Absolutely.  Every meal was a very conscious decision, but I’m getting too old to go back and forth between poor and healthy food choices. My aging body needs the constancy of supportive nutrients.

Breakfast:  Turkey ham omelet with cheese (pre-packaged, wish cheese was not part of the meal but I have loads of catch-up to do after being gone a week so I skipped preparing breakfast. Sourcing of turkey was also questionable. Hormone and antibiotic free?  Free range?  I doubt it. Water was the drink of choice today.

Lunch:  Smoothie of almond milk, spirulina tablets, chlorella powder, raw cacao, cinnamon, nutmeg, prebiotic powder and Fit protein powder.  I’m getting back to healthy living.

Snack:  White bean crunch crackers, (less than an ounce but didn’t weigh the portion size; it’s always good to weigh), paired with guacamole I made from scratch with avocado, cumin, chipotle chips, hot sauce and essential oil of cilantro.  Delish.

Dinner:  A ground turkey patty from the grill on a big salad (really huge bowl) with kale and spinach I mixed, balsamic vinaigrette (less than 1 gram sugar, not like other balsamics) topped with cukes, radish and shredded carrot.  Broccoli sprouts would have been great but they didn’t survive the vacation in the fridge).

Gettin’ back at it! Feeling better already.

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