It is my delight to tell you that I’m not having the sugar cravings I used to have. That’s because I’m not putting any known sugar in my system.  It’s hard to watch my husband have a cocktail but I have to stay committed to the end game. It always happens; when I stay away from sugar I am content in a few days.  But if I cave and have a drink or some sugary treat I’m off to the races again.  My body craves it for days and intense hunger is back.  I explain all this in my workshop talks. Also, about day four of any diet change I’ve gone through I find I’m satisfied with less.  Hooray! I’m clearing some hurdles!

Breakfast:  I only had a bite of chicken before a business associate arrived. Thank heaven I made two quarts of detox tea:  leaf tea made from raspberry leaves, dandelion leaves and stinging nettle (which doesn’t sting when you buy it in dried loose leaf form), and a root tea of burdock root, dandelion root (yes dandelion is such a great liver cleanser) and milk thistle.  I threw ice in a glass and swigged it down before the meeting.

Lunch:  Fresh spinach and 1/2 avocado with homemade paprika dressing.

Snack: Broccoli spears with homemade lemon vinaigrette and a celery smoothie (recipe already posted)

Dinner:  Bone broth with cubes of 1/4 chicken breast and homemade potato salad.

Two comments on the potato salad. Potatoes are not high on my list of things to eat, but I’ve gotten on-board with lots of other nutritionists and diet gurus about putting potatoes back on the menu because of resistant starch. RS, as resistant starch is known, isn’t broken down in digestion, but makes its way to the large intestine to be turned into short-chain fatty acids which will help the good bacteria. They also assist in mineral absorption, inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, stimulate colon blood flow and help prevent us from absorbing pathogens. So, okay!  I’ve missed potatoes, and won’t be able to eat a ton of them because of starch and weight, but I’m happy to enjoy them again.

My potato salad, in addition to green onions, cukes, celery, and radishes, has eggs. I know I said I was staying off eggs since they are common allergens, but I have not eaten them for a while, longer than this diary would indicate, and I want to see what, if any, reaction I get to them.  Tune in tomorrow!

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