Well, our B&B gave us a breakfast so meager I could find nothing to eat:  banana bread and sugary fruit yogurt. I had green tea while my husband ate one of the yogurts then we headed to a more substantial meal at a breakfast place around the corner.

Breakfast:  Two scrambled eggs were calling my name, placed upon a bed of diced onion and tomatoes with ground chorizo and guacamole.  Then I asked for Hollandaise on the side.  What a combo, right? And yes, one of my downfalls is sauce.  I am weaning myself off sauces by ordering them on the side, and today I was proud to use so little Hollandaise you could barely tell I had any by the end of my meal.  I also left lots ofo the chorizo on my plate and was grateful it was not folded ito the eggs so I could eat the veggies and eggs around them. But they gave e a taste and I was satisfied.

This is part of my Vacation Mentality:  Have a few tasty treats, just a few bites not the whole serving and getting more regimented when I get back home, but not blowing it entirely.  Do I eat things like Hollandaise and chorizo at home?  Nope. It’s been more than a year since I’ve ordered either and never bring it home to make.

Lunch:  We took a long walk past the pier to the beach, schlepping sand chairs, towels and a beach umbrella, so we had a good workout and were starving for lunchtime. Because of the greater trek, I had planned to eat only half of my chicken with chutney on a bed of greens, but I ate the whole thing and asked for extra greens. Workouts will no doubt make you hungrier, and I had put in ten-thousand vigorous, beach-equipment-packing perihelia in the process, so I justified my over-eating. Ah yes, the human brain…justifying indulgences. With that in mind, I added a blueberry Collins to my permissiveness.

Dinner:  Hubby Phil dabbles in the music industry, and a friend of his was playing at one of the more popular bars in town so we went to the adjoining restaurant for a donner of Poke salad which I asked for without noodles. When it came the cook had prepared a perfect combo of Asian veggies, edamame, red cabbage, chicken cubes and a light dressing. Delicious. The blueberry margarita I ordered didn’t taste very good so I gave it to Phil and he happily obliged consuming it for me.  Next door at the bar Phil’s friend was doing a major job singing his heart out, so we supported his work by ordering another drink. Again, y drink, pear vodka on the rocks didn’t paste great to me, so Phil didn’t get another drink but took mine.

I think I’m losing my taste for alcohol, which is a major thing for me.  I am thrilled.

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