Breakfast:  The pancake house across the street was just too convenient, and I did a little better this morning with an Eggs Benedict. I left some of the English muffin on my plate. Notice I said “some.” Thank heaven the grapefruit juice was once again calling my name.

Lunch: Biking hard from Oak Street Beach all the way to the Shedd Aquarium and back was fraught with obstacles, narrow iron bridges with traffic whizzing by, bicycles that blew by me as I trekked at a beginner’s pace, and the occasional pedestrian too busy texting too busy to look up to see me wobbling to a stop before they walk right into me.  This harrowing experience gave me the justification I needed to eat more! Actually, I had a vegetable sushi roll and patted myself on the back.

Dinner: A pricey restaurant in the Rush Street area didn’t live up to its name, but the brussels sprouts bruschetta was amazing. Too bad it was on white bread. Then, to add gluten insult to injury, I decided to try the pasta with truffles. I paid the price later, as I awoke about 3 am with powerful heartburn that made me wonder why I didn’t think to pack some bicarbonate of soda to alkalize my stomach. I took one of my husband’s Pepsid ACs against my better judgment, but, what was I to do? I was burning up and had to get back to bed.  Note to self:  You’re done with pasta and bread for a very long time!

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