It’s the start of my husband’s summer vacation week, and I slipped a little bit…Just how little? You can determine for yourself.

Breakfast;  I thought I would experiment with choosing another form of healthy fats and protein other than chicken or eggs for my breakfast protein.  Instead, I had two mouthfuls of sunflower seeds (they are very caloric so if you’re shedding weight beware) and two cashews (ditto on the fats there),. I was hoping they would help my satiety level, but that didn’t seem to be the case. I also had a green smoothie of a pear, spinach, celery, cilantro and lemon.  It didn’t hold me like I’d hoped it would.  I had my smoothie at 11: oo and was hungry again by 12:45. I did, however, have the knowledge I had something wonderfully healthy for my body.

Lunch:  Though I had a fair number of hunger pangs going on, I managed to eat a small portion (five small bites) of potato salad (mostly non-potato veggies) and three bites of chicken salad. True confessions:  I planned to go back for more potato salad but dropped the glass dish which shattered in tiny pieces.  I am all about losing the plastic containers because molecules of the little buggers can end up in your meals, but glass is so unforgiving. I dropped it on a wood floor and it exploded like it had hit tile.  Remind me to get Pyrex. I’m hoping that won’t burst on impact.

Snack:  Well my meager bites of lunch caught up with me about 3:30. My husband has been asking for deviled eggs so I whipped up some.  Mustard, with its namesake seeds, vinegar and turmeric is benign, even friendly, but not so the fatty, egg-laden mayo, even though it was organic mayo.  I limited myself to two halves, where in my earlier years I might have had several more.

Dinner:  Hoo boy.  Mexican restaurants can be a challenge, but I pat myself on the back for getting their Tacos Traditionales, which consist of shredded chicken, cilantro, grilled onions and avocado to which I added harmless salsa verde.  The tacos arrived open-faced, which made it so easy to leave the flour tortillas on the plate.  HOWEVER, I WAS A BIT OF A BAD GIRL.  My husband was itching to start his vaca with a celebration. He wanted to have a margarita, and I joined him with a small cilantro marg that is low sugar.  I was at first concerned that the sugar would throw me into a hungry eating frenzy, but it seems I’ve been on the straight and narrow for enough days that the reaction didn’t come.  Hurray.  Things are moving in the right direction. I’m going to have to watch it, as the week will be full of temptations.

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