Breakfast:  I got my money’s worth out of Morning Star yesterday as I saved half my omelet for today. I have to admit, I miss, and my body misses my great green smoothies.  I don’t feel as clean and clear without them.  I substituted with my protein powder and collagen and that helped, but there’s absolutely nothing like fresh ingredients.

Lunch:  We waited until we got to Chicago to have lunch, and we were glad we waited. We had a great shareable lunch of lobster-deviled eggs, pigs in the blanket (son’s choice of course), calamari with an Asian sauce and black sesame seeds and vegetables, and crab guacamole. I had one deviled egg, one calamari, one pig (yes, that was regrettable), and loaded up on the guac. Lunch included mixed drinks in celebration of my son’s new summer job. See?  I can justify any caloric expenditure, can’t I? And so it begins…

Dinner: My son’s college roommate and his girlfriend joined us for dinner out on Navy Pier at the pricey seafood restaurant. It was exorbitant but oh so good.  My son and I split an order of king crab legs and we also had the marvelous thin crisps that often come to the table at finer restaurants.  We also had dessert, but ordered three for five people and passed them around for a bite or two. Let’s see, how am I justifying this one?  Well, crab is a low-calorie good protein source, but I’ve been reading lately that crab, shrimp, and lobster are not healthy choices, as they are bottom feeders that pick-up things on the sea floor to eat that I’d care not to think about. Then there are the bread-crackers, not gluten-free. And, of course, the dessert, and…oh…forgot to add the clam chowder.  Not a stellar food choice day.  I hope I burned at least some of it off by walking the length of Navy Pier and then back to our hotel.  At least I walked more than 12,000 steps for the day by the time the sunset.


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