An interesting note:  I colored my hair this morning and I started sneezing multiple times and getting a runny nose.  I don’t recall that ever happening before, and I hadn’t had any food or supplements yet. My current theory is that my cleaner eating habits are affecting my body in unexpected ways. The clearer I get the more my body will signal onslaughts.  As I release toxins, the more my body indicates sensitivities instead of dealing with them by hiding them in body tissues.  I interpret it to mean I am getting healthier, and need to be more diligent about saying away from polluters. That may mean having to give up my favorite hair color in favor of one that has more benign chemicals in it and certainly no ammonia.

Breakfast:  I had the rest of my cilantro/chicken/avocado/salsa verde taco (sans taco shell). Add to that a delicious smoothie of orange, mixed greens, cilantro (yes, I love the stuff) and blueberries.  If you were wondering, I don’t use yogurt in my smoothies, too much sugar and dairy.  I didn’t know when I’d get lunch since we’d be on the road to vacationland for several hours so I had the small meal as well as the smoothie.

Lunch:  We made it to our old haunt-on-water, a resort town by gargantuan Lake Michigan.  At out harborside lunch spot I declined to join my husband with a drink but had a chicken breast on a small salad with dressing on the side. into which I lightly dipped the edge of my greens.  I went through much less dressing that way rather than drenching my meal.

Dinner:  We visited friends at their waterside condo and everyone had drinks and shrimp but me. I had club soda with a lime; don’t get me started on shrimp.  When we finally went to dinner it was after eight.  We usually eat at six so we digest by bedtime for a better sleep, but tonight I’m thrown off.  I ordered a great arugula salad with vinaigrette and a little goat cheese which gave some protein along with the fat, but it’s the only cheese I allow myself since goat milk molecules are smaller and more easily digested than the molecules of cow’s milk.

However, the Bad Girl came out when I ordered an Orange Julep.  It was as delicious as it sounds, but I paid the price later.  About 3:30 am I awoke sneezing multiple times.  Uh-oh.  Again with the stuffy nose I experienced yesterday!  Since I didn’t violate any eating habits all day I attributed my sneezing fits to the alcohol.  I often start sneezing, usually once, within a minute after I take a drink, so I know I have a mild allergy.  At least I hope it’s mild. What’s going on internally with inflammation and my microbiome I shudder to think. I”m on vacation and I want to indulge a little, but is it prudent to ignore what might be going on inside? Of course, the logical answer is no. Oh, and I forgot to add: we did a little wine tasting this afternoon at a vineyard outlet, so I had more alcohol today than I’ve had in weeks.  My body no doubt appreciated the break. The tasting and tonight’s drink was all it took to send me into that cold-coming-on feeling.  I’ve had it before, and fight it with vitamin C. I took 4,000mg right away at 3:30 and, after another sneezing fit about two hours later, I took another 3,000mg and that did the trick.  I had prevented it from turning into a nasty summer cold. I know I can nearly always spare myself a cold with enough vitamin C.  Thank heaven for the stuff.

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