I got on the scales and was down another half-pound, and had to remind myself that this kind of fast weight loss was not sustainable and things will quiet down soon.

This morning I started out with that three bites of chicken with garlic sauce then had a matcha coconut kefer. Kefer is a powerful fermented beverage that gives our microbiomes the probiotics they need to keep our bodies healthy and helps reduce inflammation. That felt satisfying and was all I needed to start my day, though it was so much less than my past breakfasts. After eating large amounts of food at nearly every meal for several weeks it feels good to be satiated with much less. Again, weight loss is not the primary goal, but when you’ve over-eaten, even if it’s healthy food in gargantuan portions, it’s time to shed the excess blubber.

Eggs are considered one of the top foods that cause allergic reactions in the body, though they may not be as reactive as peanuts. I am aware that chicken would not be the protein of choice by my vegan/vegetarian friends, but I am experimenting with leaving eggs out of my eating plan to see if I have any sort of allergic reaction when I add them back in, and I need protein in the morning. Protein is well documented to jump-start the metabolism and fat burning at the start of the day. It has worked for me; I get low energy and very hungry by late morning if I don’t have my protein. It’s so important to not take anyone else’s word as gospel, including mine.  All our bodies are different. So, no eggs for awhile, though I’m going on vacation and I will likely have to have eggs as a morning protein source. Better choice than bacon or sausage, hmmm?

Lunch was a satisfying smoothie of Fit Garden of Life protein shake, to which I added collagen, prebiotic fiber, hemp, chlorella, cinnamon, and nutmeg. That sustained me until about 4:00 and my Hungry Time took over. Instead of snacking I decided to have a few bites of the leftover bok choi salad I made yesterday and had saved for dinner. I took some of the dinner portion and had it early,  That’s not cheating, is it?

Dinner was the rest of the aforementioned salad, to which I added half an avocado. That really satisfied my need for a healthy fat and I didn’t feel hungry the rest of the night.  It’s a good reminder that I don’t need animal protein on every salad, which suits me fine.  I will be interested to see if the increase in healthy fats from the avocado that late in the day together with the olive oil in the salad dressing caused a stall or weight gain.

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